Life in The Flavor of Spice Finest Spices sourced from origin

The magic is beyond words. In the realm of senses. Aroma. Texture. Feel. Taste. The appreciation that your ears hear. And the feeling of satisfaction that can only be experienced by your sixth sense. At IndiSpice we package the perfect spices. Grown in richest soils. Tempered in just the right environment. Packaged to retain its freshness. And delivered in the quickest time for the undiluted pleasure of fooding.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look and choose your pick, either as an individual packet or a gift box and get pampered by the charm of finest Indian spices.

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Exquisite Gift Box Collection A range of curated spice boxes
Authentic and Finest
Spices like life come in different flavours and that’s exactly what we want to bring back in your life—that is flavours that are authentic. Which is what makes our spices a class apart, gives it its aroma, imparts it its appeal and turns it into gastronomic delight.
Sourcing – Capturing the Vigour
Every soil has its own vigour and each field carries its unique characteristic that transfers its core into what it grows. That’s where we come in. Identifying the farms that provide the best yield and the pluck that’s the freshest, which for the most part implies season’s last produce.
Processing – Retaining It's Soul
Spices like a good wine is matured. It’s quite a lengthy process that involves sorting of the best from the good, drying; depending upon spices to spices and collection by a process that maintains its integrity.
Packaging – Preserving Freshness
Using technology and modern machineries to improvise packaging that seals and keeps intact everything you expect from your spices and preserves its freshness, aroma, flavor and taste.


Fast shopping, good quality. Was trying IndiSpice for the first time. The buying experience was good, the spices reached us on time & had nice aroma. Smelled fresh. Thumbs up guys.

Sabine WuttkeSchill

We are German Diplomats living in Delhi. I bought some of your spices from the Modern Bazaar. The quantity seems to be excellent. Unfortunately I could get only a small range of spices. Would it be possible to buy directly at your shop in Maruti Vihar? I must say your spices were true to the soul of the country.

Michael D.

You delivered what you promised. The spices had fine aroma and the food tasted good. Good source for high quality products. Delivered within the promised time and excellent packaging. Looking forward to ordering more.


It arrived before 10/17. Surprise surprise. I did not realize that their delivery would be so quick. Beyond words, I cannot express my feelings. The packing was nice and the spices turned out to be of good quality.

Sharon Cheron

I liked their spices. As they had promised in their website it was up to the mark. Would recommend IndiSpice. First time buyer would purchase from this supplier again.
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Spices undoubtedly add a fiery and a distinctive taste to any dish and leave everyone who savour the dish.
Spices undoubtedly add a fiery and a distinctive taste to any dish and leave everyone who savour the dish.